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úvodní fotka – interiér hlavní pobočky kancelářeúvodní fotka – interiér hlavní pobočky kanceláře

About Us

Legal representation and legal consultancy since 2002

Law office located in Hradec Králové operating within the entire Czech Republic. Through our membership of the international association AEA, we are also able to provide for legal services abroad. We communicate in the Czech, English and German languages.

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We grew up with our clients. We care about them.

When we started the company at the beginning of the new millennium, there were just three people. Step by step, we grew up thanks to the patronage of our clients, willingness to learn and work, abilities and loyalty of the members of our team. We have solid foundations that we build upon.

Currently, our team has already around 50 members. With 25-30 lawyers, we rank among the top Czech law offices operating outside of Prague. Our number is a blend of experience and prudence of the founding partners and of enthusiasm and creative invention of younger colleagues.

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You will understand us

According to our philosophy, law is not a science but a practical application of legal rules and case-law. We recommend optimal solutions to situations that life brings. According to our experience, majority of clients are primarily interested in the result, the time necessary to achieve it and the costs expended. Providing the client with open, continuous and comprehensible information and absolute confidentiality is a matter of fact.

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Our Values

The client’s interests and mutual trust come always first

An agreement in any form is an obligation we will never breach. We expect the same from our partners. We are attorneys-at-law and we defend our client’s interests in all circumstances.



Professionalism, in our view, is the basis for trust. It cannot be achieved without regular education, high-quality practice and systematic work.



High quality is a precondition for a good result. We interpret it as a combination of abilities of an individual within a functioning team, continuous education and adequate control.



We view respect as a manifestation of decency and self-confidence. Respect to both the client and the counterparty is a necessary precondition for successful operation on the market.

How much will you pay for legal representation or consultancy services?

We are a well-established regional office and we are proud of it. On the other hand, we know the value of money and we know how much effort it takes to earn it. Therefore, while we do not undercut our prices we are able to offer an affordable price. The price, however, largely depends on your particular case and, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly outline to you the prices of our services.


We do not evaluate our work. It is best evaluated by others.

Partnership with MUNI LAW

Education helps create a better world. Our law office cooperates with the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno in the development of young and talented people.

We Support

If you need legal representation, consultancy services or have a question, do not hesitate to contact us!