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úvodní fotka – tým advokátních partnerůúvodní fotka – tým advokátních partnerů

At the legal service market since 2002

Modern, strong law office with a long tradition

uvozovka – motto advokátní kancelářeWe love the law
ocenění právnická firma roku 2020odznak international lawyers network

Our attorneys-at-law will provide you with complex legal assistance in the following areas

Our expertise

Who are we?

An authentic regional law office

We espouse the good traditions of the Czech legal profession. The professional regulations of the Czech Bar Association are no impediment to us and we respect them. We are interested in and enjoy law. We are not a virtual company, an artificially created marketing project or a network of de facto independent attorneys-at-law. We have a real history, well-arranged structure, common identity, uniform style and principles. We do not lack healthy self-confidence or responsibility for our actions.

Our Vision!

Develop the company, in the long-term, as a high-quality brand with good reputation

Our vision consists in gradual but never-ending development of a stable, strong and unambiguously identifiable law office whose good name and reputation will guarantee high-quality services for all clients, as well as open and friendly environment for all members of our team.

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Our Record

We have worked with more than 9,900 clients

Clients’ satisfaction and trust is our priority. We prefer long-term cooperation and we stand behind our clients even in challenging times.

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If you need legal representation, consultancy services or have a question, do not hesitate to contact us!